Bringing the joy of a ticking clock back into the home

About our clocks

Unlike timber bought from your local hardware store, recycled timber comes with a story, its own history, and a personal connection. Whether Tasmanian oak floorboards from our old home, red gum fence posts from a family farm or the hardwood deck being replaced by the neighbours our clocks are made from totally reclaimed timber, providing a new life to what some would see as great firewood. 

A design philosophy guided by form and simplicity

The joy in manufacture comes from seeing the potential in rough, aged and weathered boards, removing the superfluous material and creating parts that join together to form something living that is part art but also functional. 

The pleasure of something hand-built

There is something hypnotic about a ticking clock especially when the moving parts are visible. The way each wheel interacts with its adjacent wheels and the unique tick-tock of a wooden escape wheel combine to enthrall for longer than something so repetitive has a right. These clocks provide a reassuring heartbeat of the home throughout the day and night.  

A wooden clock made from recycled timber. Wooden gears. Jigsaw joints. Reclaimed

Proudly Made in Australia

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